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Trancelance Services is an established translation and localization service provider based in India.

We enhance communication by conveying information accurately from one language to another across the globe.

We offer the translation services into a large variety of languages and our well designed process is the key to a successful completion of a project.Our system divides the process into milestones and is designed by the latest technological advances which enable us to deliver the final product to client faster and to a higher quality standard at an affordable price.

In this period of Globalization and Internationalization where businesses are expanding quickly beyond the boundary barriers our translations services can help your business bridge the cultural gap to a great extent and plays a major role in making globally successful businesses breaking language barriers.

We use translation services to have our client’s information ready for any foreign market that they wish to target. We provide a good network of translators to provide proof-reading in addition to the straight forward translation and an understanding of the cultural impact of language and translation.

We also provide different services such as interpretation, proofreading, copy editing and provide on-site language professionals.

Company Profile

Our Mission

To ensure fast, reliable and highest quality translations adhering to client requirements and meet the expectations of the target market. We verify the quality of the presentation and functionality of the translation to make sure it accurately reflects the quality of the source material. Visual checks include the verification of typography, page flow and cross references. Functional checks test the functionality and output features of the translation, be it documentation, software or website. We believe in supporting oir clients personally and professionally by establishing translation quality assurance processes which does not only yield increased quality but ultimately facilitates successful translation projects and reduces turnaround time as well.

Safe and Secure

We provide enhanced security to our client’s data. Our state-of-the-art servers are located in United States and ensure fastest loading experience and optimum data security & privacy to our clients.

We are Green

Our data centers are wind-energy leaders. Their commitment prevents the release of thousands of metric tons of carbon fuel each year and we are proud to say that we are environment-friendly.

eProject Manager

We understand your challenges and want to give you ample time to help you grow your business. With our unique eProject Management tool, you can leave all your project administrative tasks on us.

Our History


Glorious Achievements

Today we are going extra miles, providing quality & cost-effective services. We are proud to mention that currently we are tied up with more than 100 customers and working with more than 500 translators globally.

First Grand Party

We started up with zero clientele and closed our first financial year with an array of customers. We are proud of our team members who turned every stone to gain the trust of our customers. At last, we managed to celebrate our most awaited first anniversary with 2.5 million of business in first year.

Baby Steps

We remember the time when we learnt different languages just as a hobby and then the idea came to start a translation company over a cup of coffee. We started crawling and soon stood up after a great team-work.

Our Competencies

  • European Languages100%
  • Asian Languages80%
  • Scandinavian Languages80%
  • Other Languages70%

Our Testimonials

Trancelance has always produced high quality service within timelines. The translations have more often exceeded the client’s expectations resulting in gathering accurate feedback from the target markets.
Gaurav- Client
Trancelance has always met the professional translation requirements and deliverable. Prompt correspondences. Good quality regarding Oriental languages.
Videesha- Client
We are really happy with the professional approach that Trancelance takes and personal attention that you give throughout the project.
Shweta- Client
Excellent in all aspects, Neha is a wonderful person with strong abilities and a great approach to creating a wonderful relation. Payment on time, friendly communication etc. Thanks.
Andrea- Translator, Norway
Friendly and communicative PM. Prompt payment, only within two weeks. I hope we will work together again in the future :)
Alex- Translator, Indonesia
Neha is a very good and professional manager. Nice agency to work with. Highly recommended.
Halyna- Translator, Russia